Appeal to a broader audience

Many resorts, especially those catering to families, face challenges in serving foods that satisfy picky eaters while gaining approval from parents who seek healthy options.

Make dining a fun activity

Children will delight in choosing their food from your self-serve station to create a personalized BagelĂ­ta sandwich meal. This option
is ideal, as it allows servers and culinary staff to dedicate more time to enhancing the dining experience for parents.

Help stop food & beverage revenue from walking out the door

For guests on a budget, utilizing the excess food your kitchen has already produced from other meal periods in self-serve stations offers a much better guest dining experience, and it is more profitable for you than having them leave the property in search of low-cost meals.

For guests on the go

For those attending resorts, casinos, theme parks, conferences, or other large venues, a self-service BagelĂ­ta station is an excellent grab-and-go option for breakfast and lunch. It offers a fast, high-quality meal, allowing them to quickly engage in their activities.