Sell Your Excess Food

The Bagelita as a self-service bar, is your secret weapon to reduce food costs

Introduce a self-service station by including surplus food from the day's menu. This allows customers to create a personalized meal based on their preferences. This not only increases revenue but also enhances the use of food that would otherwise go to waste.

The Bagelita

Unlike bagels or pita bread that can easily become soft, spongy and fall apart once filled with tasty ingredients of different shapes and sizes, the Bagelita holds everything in place with ease.

Bagelitas also have a tastier crunch on the outside to make your taste buds command attention. They are fun to eat and can be cut like a pita, falafel, finger food portions or a bagel.  The pita pocket makes it easy to remove the extra calories and carbs to appeal to calorie-conscious consumers.

The Benefits of a Bagelita Bar is that

  • It makes dining a fun activity
  • Reduces food waste through higher utilization
  • Offers guests an affordable menu option
  • Great for guests on the go