Health Care


BagelĂ­tas highly versatile-Unlike sandwich bread or rolls

Nursing homes, hospitals and other healthcare facilities face the daily challenge of providing nutritious food that is appetizing and visually attractive while also satisfying a wide range of dietary restrictions.


Bagelitas are particularly useful in health care environments

BagelĂ­tas more easily hold sandwich ingredients in place. For patients facing challenges in managing utensils or with disabilities, BagelĂ­tas can help them eat nutritiously and independently whenever possible.


Watch patient food satisfaction levels soar

BagelĂ­tas are cost effective, easy to assemble and can be filled with an assortment of tempting and nutritious fillings. Now your culinary staff is no longer limited to serving the same boring sandwich utility fillers. Place BagelĂ­tas on your menu today to appeal and stimulate the appetites of hospital patients and nursing home residents. Free trial available to qualified institutions.