Enjoy the benefits of our smarter bagel design which promote your business while enhancing your guests' dining experience.


What is a


The bagel, an iconic New York delicacy, boasts a soft, chewy interior. We believe that bagels can maintain their traditional essence while also adopting a more functional design. This belief inspired the creation of the BagelĂ­ta, in which we designed a pocket to securely hold ingredients and enhance the crunch when toasted. Essentially, we elevated the customer request for a

scooped-out and toasted bagel to the next level.

The Smarter Bagel Design
Steeped in Tradition-Shaped by Innovationℱ

Made in New York

Multi-Functional Capabilities

Inspired by the design of a pita, falafel, roll and soup bowl, the Bagelíta gives you a flexible dining experience. They’re easy to fill with real foods of different shapes and sizes, and the scored pattern design makes biting and chewing enjoyable while eating.

If you want to cut carbs, toast them and then remove the bottom and interior dough to create an empty, crunchy interior to fill.

BagelĂ­ta Design Patent

A lifestyle and calorie-saving culinary experience.

By offering Bagelita’s to your customers they can enjoy their meal without having to eat a half a loaf of bread just to hold the sandwich ingredients in place.
BagelĂ­ta's securely hold real food of various sizes in its scoopable pocket. Also delight in their distinctive crunchy toasted exterior shell.

Go from frozen to finished with no defrosting in approximately 10 minutes

Watching the bread’s rise during the baking process is genuinely enchanting for customers, especially as they eagerly anticipate receiving a freshly baked Bagelíta straight from your steam oven.

Bagelítas are shipped frozen nationwide to be baked up fresh for your customers enjoyment. Please contact us with any questions.




Competitive Advantage

Offering your customers freshly baked Bagelíta’s creates a unique dining experience. You also gain a marketplace advantage and reduce waste by steam-baking them from frozen, producing only what you need for the day. This minimizes spoilage, waste, and storage space, thereby improving profit margins.

Back To Basics

We use only high-quality NON-bleached and NON-bromated flour.

If your bagel appears unnaturally bright white, it may have undergone chemical bleaching for aesthetics. Additionally, it might contain bromate, a food additive banned in many countries due to health concerns.
BagelĂ­ta prioritizes your well-being and delivers an exceptional bagel experience. Our commitment to quality sets us apart.

Ideal For An

Active lifestyle

Bagelítas are the size of a large bagel, but much lighter in weight. Trying to cut more calories? Scoop out the center further, leaving just a crunchy shell that you can fill with what you would like to eat—the possibilities are endless! Say goodbye to carb-dense, calorie-laden, and messy bagels. Bagelítas are available with traditional bagel toppings.

I recently tried a Bagelíta Seth's creation, and I’m hooked! The Bagelíta is a brilliant twist on the classic bagel, offering a delightful combination of softness and crunch. The variety of flavors is impressive, and each one is a burst of taste in every bite.

Deliciously Unique

BagelĂ­ta bagels are a morning revelation! The perfect balance of textures and flavors makes these bagels stand out.

A Breakfast Game-Changer!

BagelĂ­ta are a game-changer for my busy mornings. The portable and easy-to-eat design of BagelĂ­tas makes them a convenient choice for breakfast on the go.

Innovative and Convenient!

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