What is the Pretzelita?

The Pretzelita is a gourmet soft pretzel bun that has all the same functionality of a Bagelita. In contrast with the Bagelita, however, the Pretzelita tastes just like a popular and long-beloved snack, the oversized soft pretzel!

bage-1 (2)For those who are not familiar with Bagelitas, they are basically a bagel, but easier to eat with— and just as delicious! Instead of a hole in the middle like a traditional bagel, our Bagelita has a pocket in the center of the roll that is easily fillable with whatever stuffing’s you desire! We personally love tasty meats and cheeses with veggies and spreads. All the same great qualities of the Bagelita are now wrapped up into our new Pretzelita!

VersatileVersatile: These fresh and fun pretzel rolls are so versatile. They are great just plain, or they can also be a fun alternative to the standard sandwich bread or regular hamburger buns. Pretzelitas are ideal for ballparks and other large venues as well as being perfect for parties, restaurants, or even at your small family gathering!

bage-2 (2)Delicious: Unlike bagels or soft pretzels, which are sometimes dense and sometimes difficult to chew, the Pretzelita is soft, light, and airy. Our Pretzelitas are baked to golden-brown perfection with a delicious, chewy exterior. They are light, soft, easily chewable, and bursting with buttery, salty goodness that is sure to excite your taste buds.

Perfect for Sandwiches: Instead of having a strong flavor like some pretzel rolls, the flavor of the Pretzelita simply enhances the flavors of your favorite fillings. The fillable nature of the Pretzelita also makes for a more enjoyable sandwich experience. You no longer have to deal with all your fillings oozing out of your traditional sandwich, ruining your meal and making a mess; the Pretzelita holds everything right where you want it!

choiceA Smart Choice: The Pretzelitas are not just versatile and delicious—they’re also great for anyone who is watching their diet. Due to the hollowed-out center, excess calories can easily be removed, making them a great choice to satisfy that pretzel craving without the guilt!

Quality Ingredients: At Bagelita, we care about our consumers. That’s why we focus on the quality of our products, with the simplest combination of ingredients, for the best possible customer experience. This new and delightful, carefully crafted product is now being offered at wholesale price.



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